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About CTIR Gov:

The Computer Security and Incident Response Team - CTIR Gov, subordinate to the Department of Information and Communications Security of the Military Cabinet / Presidency of the Republic - CM / PR, attends to incidents on networks belonging to the Federal Public Administration in Brazil.


The Computer Security and Incident Response Team - CTIR Gov - coordinates responses to computer security incidents related to networks connected to the Brazilian Federal Public Administration.

The CTIR Gov helps :

  • the development of the cooperation between the Incident Response Team in Brazil and abroad;
  • the promotion of the initiatives in the incidents' management;
  • the distribution of informations, alerts and recommendations to the network security administrators of its constituency.


Reactive services

Services initiated as soon as a notification arrives, followed by proper analyses of the incident and interactions with the originator.

The patterns and tendencies revealed by continuous observation of events serve as input to security recommendations issued to the constituency.

Proactive Services

Services designed to prevent incidents or to reduce the impact of supervening events.

Composed by information assets analysis and constitutive structures from the various information technology environments in the Federal Public Administration, these services provide a broad view of available resources, their values and associated risks.


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